Dry Pump Accessories

Below are a range of products we regularly supply from stock

We can also supply any branded or specific items you require

Vacuum Fittings

We can supply KF/NW vacuum clamps, seals and other fittings in all sizes.

Please contact us with your requires and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

SuperVac 19 Oil

This is the oil we use in all pump rebuilds and we recommend it for use in most vacuum pumps from all manufacturers.

Direct equivalent to ultragrade 19

A blend of Petro Canadas’ semi-synthetic HT hydrocracked base oil and an additive system to provide extremely low vapour pressure.

 viscosity of 55cSt @ 40°C and giving an extremely low vapour pressures in the 10-8 Torr range. 

5 litres  £90.00

Product Code: 100100

We can also supply all branded oils from Edwards, Leybold, Vacuubrand etc.

Silicone Tubing

Vastly superior to red rubber tubing, our silicone tubing does not break up or perish over time and prevents pumps being damaged by tubing particulates. Highly flexible.

5m  £45.00

Product Code: 100400

6mm ID x 3mm wall

Other lengths and sizes available, please enquire