On Site Services

Bringing the workshop to you

Bringing the workshop to you, we can help avoid the time intensive need for

decontamination and shipping, limiting down time to a few hours, instead of days. Equipped with advanced tooling we can carry out more extensive pump refurbishment and motor repairs, as well as preventative maintenance, all at 

your site. 

There is a surcharge to add to the fixed price service of your pumps if the work is to be carried out at your premises. This will be fixed ahead of time and 

indicated on your quotation, but you can approximate the surcharge now

from the information on the right of this page. For an exact quote for site

work please contact us.

Price List Per Pump

Contact us for a fixed site fee

Approximate site work surcharge for 1 day on site is banded as follows;

1. £200

2. £350

3. £600

4. £1100

London Surcharge £100