Oils and Greases

Below is a simple guide to oil grades and some recommendations of products we can vouch for.

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Edwards Ultragrade 19 Oil

H11025015 1 litre £22.40

H11025013 4 litre £65.90

H11025011 4x4 litre £189.00

SuperVac 19 Oil

for all direct drive pumps

5 litre £38.00

Labovac 14 Synthetic Oil

800135 1 litre £29.21

800137 5 litre £143.27

Image result for EDWARDS ultragrade 15

Dow Corning High Vacuum Grease


Edwards Ultragrade 15 Oil

for E2M1.5 and similar small pumps

H11026015 1 litre £22.40

H11026012 12x1 litre £197.00

Labovac 10 Mineral Oil

800122 1 litre £10.05

800120 5 litre £44.02

800123 10 litre £76.97

Simple Oil Selection Guide

Grade 15 For very small or high speed pumps requiring low viscosity

Grade 19 Industry standard grade for direct drive rotary vane pumps

Grade 20 High viscosity oil well suited to older pump with wear, and to belt driven pumps

Synthetic Enhanced stability for chemical or high temperature applications

TW Oils Extended life in pumping aggressive media

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MSDS for each oil can be found below.