Traps and Oil Mist Filters

Below are some recommendations of products we can vouch for.

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OME Series

Economical mist filters with KF flanges suitable for any make of vacuum pump.

OME Series

700010 KF16 up to 10 m3/hr £98.50

700011 KF25 up to 10 m3/hr £116.00

700012 KF25 up to 30 m3/hr £190.00

EMF Series

These ever popular mist filters also include a deodorizing element.

KF flange connections with draining options.

EMF Series

A46220000 EMF3 £166.00

A46226000 EMF10 £197.10

A46229000 EMF20 £234.00

ILF Series Particulate Filters

40 micron inline filter protects pump from ingress of particulates.

ILF Series

ILF-8 £17.00

AKD Series

Side mounting mist filters.

AKD Series

320015 KF16 £193.00

320017 KF25 £199.00


The perennial foreline trap which uses activated alumina to prevent oil back streaming during long periods of pump operation at full vacuum.


A13305000 FL20K £228.00

AKS Series

Side mounting catchpot prevents liquids and non-volatile vapours from reaching the vacuum pump.

AKS Series

320016 KF16 £181.00

320018 KF25 £181.00