Wet Pump Accessories

Below are a range of products we regularly supply from stock
We can also supply any branded or specific items you require

SuperVac 19 Oil
for all direct drive pumps

5 litre   £38.00

Aluminium Swing Clamps

KF16 £6.50
KF25 £7.50
KF40 £9.00


Black or Grey for Edwards Pumps

Threaded Hose Nozzles

3/4" - 12mm £22.00

Oil Drain Plugs

RV Pumps £6.00
EM Pumps £6.00
DB Pumps £8.00

Edwards Ultragrade 19 Oil


Stainless Steel with Viton Seal

KF16 £7.00
KF25 £9.00
KF40 £12.00

OME Series


EMF Series

These ever popular mist filters also include a deodorizing element.
KF flange connections with draining options.

EMF Series


KF Hose Nozzle

KF16 - 12mm £19.00
KF25 - 12mm £26.00
KF40 - 12mm £31.00

Inlet Valve for Rotary Vane Pumps

KF16 £49.00
KF25 £59.00

Oil Drain Valve Kits

RV Pumps £17.00
EM Pumps £17.00
DB Pumps £17.00

PVC Hose Nozzles


PVC Wire Reinforced Hi-Vac Hose
10m coil


Angus Willis,
Sep 3, 2013, 1:07 AM